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Two actresses, Halle Berry and Kristin Chenoweth, recently sustained head injuries while working on production sets. And it seems to me that their possible concussions were taken too lightly.

Berry was sent to the hospital Tuesday after she fell and struck her head on concrete on the set of the movie “The Hive,” according to Huffington Post. The Academy Award winner was transported by ambulance to Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

The update on Berry Wednesday was that she had been released from the hospital. Her rep described Berry’s head trauma as “a minor injury,” adding that the actress was only taken to Cedars Sinai as a precaution, and that she had checked out OK. So it was back to work for Berry.

When you fall and hit your head on concrete, it is not a minor happenstance. And you should not be returning to work immediately.

As for Chenoweth, last week she was sent to the hospital in New York City after she was hit in the head with scaffolding on the set of “The Good Wife,” according to Huffington Post. I believe she was knocked out.

At least in Chenoweth’s case, she was at home recuperating once she left the hospital. That seems like the proper course of action, not hurrying an actress back to work, which seems to be the case with Berry.


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