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Brain Injury Recovery Story: Zach Part Thirty Five  

Zach has written a book about his brain injury recovery story.  He as been called the “Miracle Kid” so it was appropriate for him to name his book just that. It encompasses pretty much what we have talked about in our interview with Zach.

So, let’s talk specifically, about your book and your brain injury recovery story.  You want to hold it up?


So tell me about the book and how it tells your brain injury recovery story.

My book is about my whole story that you just heard about, just now. It was a great way to clear things off my mind. I had to get it out and I had to write it down.

One of the reasons I wrote it was obviously to help people with brain injuries but I wanted my story to be heard by more than one person and more of the people who know me.  This way people all over the world so far have read this book and have written to me they, they told me how much it’s helped them.

So I’d like to help as many people as I can and like I said I’d love to get it to a movie.

What’s the biggest theme helpful tip of the book that we haven’t talked about?

Oh, just never give up.  That never once was a thought in my mind, you know?  I always was like this happened to me so this means I got to make, I got to work this much harder. People just want to make excuses for things that you know they could just work towards achieving you know?  I don’t know.


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