Brain Stem Injury After Trauma: Severe Brain Injury Primer Six

By Gordon S. Johnson, Jr.

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Brain Stem Injury

While primary brain stem injury can occur after trauma, the biggest risk factor in most closed head injuries, is the risk of herniation of the cerebral cortex into the brain stem area. This will cause compressing of the brain stem and interfering with the involuntary nervous system. As the involuntary nervous system is what controls heart rate, breathing and blood pressure, such injury or compression can result in a rapid death.

The Brain Stem Where Brain Stem Injury can occur.

The Brain Stem Where Brain Stem Injury can occur.

Here is a list of other sites you may want to visit that will make the brain stem injury easier to understand and the results of a brain stem injury.  These sites will also include a wealth of information of traumatic brain injury and the results of closed head injuries as well.  The more information you have in regards to brain injury the better.  Knowing the anatomy and locations of injuries is only the first step in understanding brain injury.  The effects of brain injury once in recovery can be very devastating but there is hope.  You will find signs of hope in these links and also will learn the importance that an experienced brain injury lawyer can make.

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