Why Brain Injury Attorney After a Severe TBI?

Why Brain Injury Attorney

By Attorney Gordon Johnson


I want to express on this page the need for an attorney and why brain injury attorney.  The more knowledge an attorney has for the cases he or she is handling the better the outcome for the client.

These pages are written by an attorney, who is also the author of http://waiting.com and the TBI Voices blog. When I speak about “recovery”, I don’t mean the amount of money the brain injury survivor receives from a claim or lawsuit. When I speak about recovery, I am talking about the recovery from the brain injury.

If you are searching for information about brain injury after your loved one suffered a severe brain injury or coma, you’re probably most concerned about making sure that he or she gets the best medical care, the best chance at rehabilitation.  But if you hire the wrong lawyer, you may be foreclosing one of the best chances for long term recovery. Why brain injury attorney? The reason:

A lawyer inexperienced in representing those with severe brain injury may not have sufficient connections, credibility and experience to explore all methods of getting the survivor placed in an appropriate brain injury rehabilitation program.

Personal injury lawyers have a common flaw in that they think that the more catastrophic the injury, the less expertise they need with traumatic brain injury to handle the matter.

Our firm continues to get numerous calls from people who are represented by lawyers who don’t understand brain injury. Most of these calls are for MTBI cases, where the attorney doesn’t “get” that the client can be disabled by a concussion. This is why brain injury attorney.

Yet, the biggest potential harm in not having a brain injury attorney comes in the severe brain injury case. In a severe brain injury, an experienced advocate (who is more than just a lawyer) can make a substantial difference in terms of the quality of rehabilitation that the injured brain injured person receives.

If you have a severe brain injury, if your loved one is in a coma, there are steps that must be taken to assure that the best treatment is received.

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Attorney Gordon Johnson