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 Decisions After Brain Injury: Zach Part Thirty Three

One of the hardest challenges that some traumatic brain injury survivors encounter the decision making process.  It can be very difficult for survivors to make decisions after brain injury.  We have talked about this is other survivors stories.  For instance, shopping is one place they might have to make decisions after brain injury.  In Zach’s case, he states that it is deciding what to eat is the hardest decisions after brain injury he experiences.

Do you have trouble making decisions after brain injury?


About what?

Like, my biggest decision to make, the hardest one for me is what to eat for food.  I never know.  I stand in the kitchen and I’m just like, you know, and that’s it.  I can’t make a decision usually, now where do you want to go to eat, you know?  I don’t know where do you want to go?

Does food taste as good to you as it used to?

Yeah.  Yeah.  So I’d like to thank God.  Sometimes it taste a little better than it did.

And you’re back to your normal body size. What do you weigh now?  155, 160?

170, yeah.

And, and that’s where you want it to be?

Yeah, that’s what I want to weigh.

Do you ever go to a grocery store?

Yeah, yeah I do.

Do you have trouble figuring out what to buy when making decisions after brain injury?

No.  I write everything down.  I write it down on my list what I need, get this and I’m out.

Would you have trouble remembering if you hadn’t written it down?

Yeah. I remember most of it but, like anyone else, they, they forget it so I like to.


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