Recovery From Brain Injury: The ‘Not Quites” of Miracles and

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Recovery From Brain Injury: Zach Part One   This is the story of Zach Gauvin, author of the autobiographical book, the Miracle Kid.  But recovery from brain injury is not about “miracles” – it is about medicine, it is about rehabilitation, it is about the “not quites.” When I say “not quites” I am talking about the […]

Retrograde Amnesia from TBI: Confused Whereabouts

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Retrograde Amnesia from TBI: Zach Part Two  As there is almost always a period of retrograde amnesia from TBI that precedes a coma brain injury, one would by definition, expect someone who emerges from a coma, to be confused as to his or her whereabouts. But of course the confusion is usually much greater than that […]

Amnesia After Severe Brain Injury Ends On Transfer To Rehab

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Amnesia After Severe Brain Injury: Zach Part Three  Zach believes that his amnesia after severe brain injury ends and he remembers the moment he awoke from his coma.  For a coma that is not drug induced, this would be highly unusual. However, to the degree his coma was induced, it is possible that even with his […]

Pre-Severe Brain Injury and Coma: A Baseball Star

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Pre-Severe Brain Injury: Zach Part Four  One of the things that makes Zach’s story compelling is the portrait of such a young and dynamic man pre-severe brain injury – baseball star, homecoming queen, party animal.  He had much to lose and came close to losing it all.  While I enjoyed the below segments of our interview, […]

Pre-brain Injury Teen: Social and Happy Teen

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Pre-brain Injury Teen: Zach Part Five   In part five we talked about what kind of life Zach had as a pre-brain injury teenager and the kind of activities he was involved with. We talked about sports in high school.  You were a good student in your pre-brain injury teen years? I was a good student.  […]

Severe Weight Loss after TBI and Muscle Atrophy

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Severe Weight Loss after TBI : Zach Part Six In part six I discussed the physical problems that occurred such as severe weight loss after TBI along with muscle atrophy. From what you’ve told me, you had a brain pressure problem, probably a hematoma where you said the blood accumulation was. I did have a brain […]

Brain Injury Rehab Different Type of Recovery for Star Athlete

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Brain Injury Rehab: Zach Part Seven All right, let’s talk about your period of brain injury rehab when you were at Spaulding.  What do you remember? Well I remember being confined to a wheelchair for almost a month. So I had no means of transportation beside the wheelchair.   That was, it was just hell, I couldn’t, […]

Physical Injury in Addition to Severe Brain Injury

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Physical Injury in Addition to Severe Brain Injury: Zach Part Eight In addition to the brain injury, you had some physical injury?  A broken jaw? I had like I shattered my foot.   So when I was learning how to walk again, they didn’t want me to have to stay off my foot, so they waited […]

OT After TBI: Right Sided Focus on Left Hand

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 OT After TBI: Zach Part Nine  Zach also needed significant OT after TBI.  While the distinction between OT and PT can be blurred, the essential difference is that the occupational therapist takes the recovering muscles and body systems and focuses therapies on doing specific tasks, the occupation or application of those muscles. The occupational therapist in […]

Speech Pathology Included Therapy for Vocal Cord

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Speech Pathology: Zach Part Ten Speech pathologists are some of the true trench warriors of brain injury recovery.  They not only deal with the language challenges that come after brain injury, but they must also address physical deficits that can come both from the primary brain injury, but also from other physical injuries.  For Zach his […]