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This entry is part 5 of 36 in the series Zachary

Pre-brain Injury Teen: Zach Part Five  

In part five we talked about what kind of life Zach had as a pre-brain injury teenager and the kind of activities he was involved with.

We talked about sports in high school.  You were a good student in your pre-brain injury teen years?

I was a good student.  I just I didn’t, I don’t know.   School’s not for me.

Typical high school jock?

Yeah, yeah.  Yeah.

What were your favorite subjects?

I love history, yeah.

When did you get interested in journalism?

Believe it or not the only thing I could do after my accident was write well, so I just figured, and I went to U Mass and I wanted to do like some of my sports.  So I was going to do a sports performance type of things.  But you have to learn math, and after the accident I can’t do math.  Math is extremely tough for me.  So I could write so I was like, well…


You had a girlfriend at the time in your pre-brain injury teen years?


How long had you guys been together?

We were together a couple months, and then the accident happened, and she wrote a diary entry every night I was in the coma and then we were together like two years after that?  Yeah.

Are we in your parents’ house now?


Your parents are still together?

Yes, they are.

Any brothers and sisters?

I have a little brother who’s upstairs right now.

Did you have any other major health problems before this wreck?

No.  I was, I was very, very healthy, yeah.

Later in our interview, we will discuss some of these issues in more depth, as Zach did have some complicating pre-injury history, including a history of migraines.

Further, The Miracle Kid has far more detail about Zach’s social interactions before his wreck, particularly what had become serious abuse of alcohol at the time he was hurt.


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