Neuropsychology Literature is Flawed with Respect to Brain Injury

Neuropsychology Literature

Lezak, Neuropsychological Assessment

Lezak’s Neuropsychological Assessment, is the most authoritative source for anything to do with neuropsychology. In addition its Chapters on Basic Concepts, Behavioral Geography of the Brain and Rationale of Deficit Measurement are highly recommended. This is the one piece of  neuropsychology literature that I can recommend at this time.

Much of the other neuropsychology literature published is very biased, against TBI survivors.  The field of neuropsychology has become as polarized as U.S. politics, between believers and non-believers in the truth of post concussion syndrome (PCS). Significant research in this field is being funded by those who want to foment the idea that malingerers account for almost the entire PCS population.  Such neuropsychology literature should be shunned.

The field of neuropsychology can be expanded at such lengths. My articles and blogs including the entire TBI VOICES project could be well used by those publishing books and articles regarding brain injury and those who have survived a traumatic brain injury. These are actual traumatic brain injury survivors stories told by themselves and many times by their loved ones and/or their caregivers.  These pages and their content would give them an entirely different insight into the minds of the survivor.

Neuropsychologists are very narrow minded when it comes to traumatic brain injury and the effects it has on the survivor.  I am an attorney and not a doctor but I have acquired a wealth of knowledge when it come to brain injury survivors and the battles they face and fight everyday. So many of their deficits are not recognized or ignored by neuropsychologists or written off as something else besides traumatic brain injury cognitive deficits.  When we know that these deficits are all attributed to the brain injury some neuropsychologists still choose to disagree.

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by Attorney Gordon Johnson