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Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness: Zach Part Thirty-six 

I always try to end the interviews with what do you want to say, what do you want to leave the people who’ve listened and read this far, or watched this far?  What do you want to leave them with in terms of advice of, in terms ofr traumatic brain injury awareness or about you?

I’d like to tell everyone that’s watching right now that, no matter what happens, dreams do come true and you can achieve whatever you want to.  And I know brain injuries are a silent epidemic and nobody knows about it. But, everyone has role to play in trying to create awareness about brain injuries.

If you work hard you can make things happens and I just hope that everyone can realize that and thank you for watching.

Do you think that the way you learned to work hard, hitting a ball, to cover a wide receiver, do you think that those lessons, before you got your brain injury helped you recover since?

Definitely.  I was working so hard during college, I would run as fast as I could. I’d have the treadmill all the way up – I’d be running sprints on it as fast as I could. But because my left leg drags a little bit, I would step on the part of the treadmill that wasn’t moving- because it kicks out a little bit.  So I would step on that, but this leg would sort of go and I would fall – I’d go flying off the treadmill. But I brush myself off, get back on the treadmill, keep going.

And that’s what you do in life?

Exactly, exactly.  Because I told myself: I made this mistake, it’s nobody else’s fault, it’s my fault.  I have to fix it, you know?   I got myself into this mess, I got to get myself out of it.

Zach’s Book Raises Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness

What’s next?

What’s next?  Well, hopefully the movie, you know and then after the movie, hopefully I can put myself in it.  That’d be ideal, you know.  But movie, raise awareness about brain injuries.

Everybody goes “I got no idea about brain injuries, that it is that severe. Oh my God. Why don’t we know about it you know.”

And then everyone will know about brain injuries and then I’m going to move to Florida.

And you know how I got my brain injury?  Because I was trying to move to Florida.

Yeah, right, exactly. This is what happens.




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Zach has definitely done his part on traumatic brain injury awareness with his book.  He hopes to have a movie made of it to increase traumatic brain injury awareness.



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