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Brain Injury Support: Zach Part Thirty Four 

You’ve done a lot with brain injury advocacy and brain injury support.  How did that get started?

Well, one day, well, I just (said to myself): Do I really want to pursue this dream of playing baseball, there was no promise of it ever happening. I won’t be able to, I don’t think I’ll be able to do it.  So I created my own brain injury support group on Facebook and created my own blog, started blogging a little bit.  I was just trying to help out as many people as I can and doing what I can for brain injuries.

Now talk to me about you, your web page, your blog page. 

Blog?  Well it started out I wanted to give people tips on how to recover from a brain injury because I’ve had such an amazing recovery.  I mean a lot of people don’t know anything’s wrong with me.

I just really would love to give people the advice because nobody was there for me to give me advice.  I want to do my part and I’m just trying to help people through writing because I can write well.

How did you manage to be as successful with it as you are with brain injury support?

Once something goes on Facebook it’s like, oh wow, everyone loves to hear about it. And people don’t know where to turn to get help for a brain injury. Facebook is something anyone can get, you know a user name, and just get on there.  So it’s just like oh, need a friend, brain injury, oh, neat. And they land on me.

Have you been involved in any real life brain injury support groups?

I used to work for Community Enterprises in Worchester and they make all these activities and stuff like that and they give people job placement for people, brain injury victims and I used to help out and do stuff with them.

What is your primary goal now with your webpage and your Facebook pages, what do you really want to accomplish?

Well, my, participation, like my personal participation has fallen off a little bit because I’m so worried about trying to, market my book and try to get my movie.  Because I feel like I can help so many more people than what I’m doing with my blog and, and printing my Facebook page.  If there’s a movie, so many more people could just be able to: “Wow.  That’s what it’s like with a brain injury”.

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