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Giant Fan Suffered Brain Damage at Dodger Game

Sometimes, it looks like justice has a chance of prevailing. I hope this is so in the case of Bryan Stow.

Stow, in case you don’t remember, is a San Francisco Giants fan who was brutally beaten at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. Stow sustained brain damage in the March 31 incident, where he was attacked by two men in the stadium parking lot following the Dodgers’ opening day win against the Giants.

Stow had committed the offense of wearing Giants’ clothing to to the game.

Earlier this month one of the two men who allegedly attacked Stow, who was hit in the head and punched and kicked when he was on the ground, was apprehended in an East Hollywood apartment.,0,5494774.story

In the meantime, Stow is in critical condition at San Francisco General Hospital. He has opened his eyes but doctors said “that his long-term recovery was far from certain,” according to The Los Angeles Times.

Here’s hoping Stow recovers, and that both his attackers wind up being arrested and convicted.

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