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The new music director of the Boston Symphony Orchestra has cancelled his appearance this Saturday at Tanglewood, Mass., after suffering a concussion from an accident at his home, according to The New York Times.

Andris Nelsons’s appearance at the music venue would have been his first since his appointment was announced, The Times reported Sunday.

This past weekend Nelsons, who has a house in Bayreuth, Germany, was hit in the head by a door that swung open at his home, The Times reported.

The Boston Symphony’s managing director told The Times that at first, like many concussion victims, Nelsons didn’t realize how bad his head injury was. He did go to the hospital, where doctors said he had a severe concussion. He was expected to remain hospitalized for several days while doctors monitored him.

In a statement Nelsons promised to make a quick recovery.

The Times said that the orchestra hadn’t yet named a replacement for him at Tanglewood.

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