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A Center for Traumatic Brain Injury Veterans opens at Camp Lejeune.  The center was opened to help those wounded veterans that have suffered brain injury in the line of duty.  This has been a long time coming. The facility cost $11,000,000 to build and it will treat more than a 1000 service members.  On of those service members is Lance Corporal Kyle Jastren who suffered a traumatic brain injury last December.

Jastren talks about how his brain injury destroyed his life.  He lists the things that his injury has effected such as the cause of his divorce, prevents him from doing the things that he has always loved to do such as shooting, running, mountain biking and hunting.

The facility was built by the Intrepid Fallen Heroes.  The Chairman, Arnold Fisher wanted to build this center for traumatic brain injury veterans facility and 8 others like because of stories like Jastren’s.  He states that every base should have one of these treatment centers so when they return home from war and they need help they can receive it immediately. Jastren expresses on how much this center has helped him and without it he wouldn’t be anywhere near at the point of rehabilitation that he is now.

There is currently a center for traumatic brain injury veterans such as the one at Camp Lejeune being built at Fort Campbell in Kentucky and one to be built at Fort Bragg by 2015.

The building of these facilities is so important as for years the veterans that have suffered a traumatic brain injury have been ignored or put on the back burner.  Traumatic brain injury is not a physical injury that can be seen by the naked eye.  So many times it goes undiagnosed and ignored as veteran may have also suffered severe physical injuries.  It stands to reason that the physical injuries would be treated first as they are the most noticeable.  In reality traumatic brain injury is just as devastating as in physical injury.  The body can be patched up or in the more devastating injuries body parts can be removed.  Not so easy with injury to the brain.  Deficits caused by severe brain injury can destroy peoples lives if not caught and dealt with.  The center for traumatic brain injury veterans can give these soldiers the therapy and rehabilitation to help them deal with what may be life long issues caused by their brain injury. They will get the help that they so much deserve as they have suffered these injuries for us the American people while putting their lives on the line.

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