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On Apr 16, 2009, at 6:08 AM, MICHAEL SHELLER wrote:

Dear Mr. Johnson,

I simply had to stop all activity and send you this e-mail. Please let me explain:

Around the very turn of this new decade I suffered a brain injury. I have no memory of the accident at home that kayoed me and put me in a hospital (so I have been told by my wife who heard my thump and found my inert form). I was out cold for a month and expected to die. Thanks to the powers that be I amazed a number of medical personnel who were attending my case and eventually regained consciousness. Early on I spent some six months in a rehab center aptly named “Transitions.” Having been, many years ago, a veteran of the Vietnam war, I have to say that I came close to leaving this mortal coil on several occasions. But I suspect this brain injury was the closest I came to, as the saying goes, “biting the bullet.”

In any event, given that because of my work I spend a significant amount of time on the internet (no, not what you think – nothing naughty!!) (I do a good deal of stock pattern research) I occasionally check sites that relate to what I went through. I found your internet brain injury material this morning and I simply had to tell you that not only did you do an excellent and thorough job presenting the varied facts concerning brain injury (hey, I know – I used to be the Creative Director of a New York advertising agency) but you impressed me as someone who really cares about what they are doing.

As an old army guy, let me salute you!

My Very Best,


My response to his letter:


Thank you for your kind words. Do you mind if we put your comment on one of your blogs?

Gordon Johnson

Your comment warms my heart. By all means please do. Inasmuch as I used to, among other things, write ad copy, it’s nice to know that I can still do a “pitch” now and then. 🙂

I truly meant all that I said to you.

We are always interested in hearing from our readers, and if you have something you want to add to our blogs, let us know.

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