Posted on September 30, 2009 · Posted in Brain Injury

As I have been discussing for much of the last month on this blog, amnesia and confusion are not the same thing. An example more vivid than even a football quarterback was the concussion Conan O’Brien suffered on camera on his show last week. See for one of the multitude of stories on it at the Huffington Post: To really understand the lesson we can learn from this concussion, one must listen to the contrast between what Conan did shortly after his brain injury and what he remembers about it.

He clearly was dazed for a few seconds, but within 10-15 seconds he was on character, making a joke, running the show, directing his people what to do. As I watched, I clearly thought of the concussed quarterback, calling the plays, directing his teammates, avoiding rushing linemen and completing a pass. Yet despite all that activity, he remembers nothing of what he did after the event, nor even the moments leading up to the concussion.

Can anyone now doubt that you don’t have to lose consciousness to suffer a concussion?

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