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A former Mrs. Idaho sustained a traumatic brain injury (TBI) this summer, but is on the road to recovery, according to The ex-beauty queen was slated to appear on “The Today Show” yesterday, Monday.

Jamie Hilton, who was Mrs. Idaho 2009, had a spill in Hells Canyon, Idaho, in June. She fell from 10 to 12 feet, hitting her head on rocks, during a salmon fishing trip with her husband.

She had to be airlifted to St. Alphonsus Regional Medical Center in Boise, reported. There doctors performed a procedure on her that is often done on patients who have brain swelling after a TBI.

Physicians operated and removed part of Hilton’s skull to give her brain room to expand. Then the surgeons attached the skull bone inside Hilton’s abdomen, to keep it alive, nourished by her body, until her brain healed, according to

That piece of skull bone stayed in Hilton’s abdomen for 42 days, until doctors removed it and put it back on Hilton’s head.

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