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Attorney Johnson:

Hello. Thank you very much for the tbi law website and for the page. It helped me a great deal to be able to communicate to others that *there is hope*.

I had forgotten about until I asked the “high functioning” TBI online support group to which I belong for some recommendations for someone new to TBI. TBI Law was one of the recommendations.

I don’t know how many people view my and Megan’s story, but if possible, could you please change my contact email address to ? I hate to think that someone tried to contact me and thought I just didn’t answer because the email address is out of date.

Thank you in advance for your time.

Jody Silvey Goppelt


EDITOR’S NOTE: Twelve years ago, my co-author Rebecca Martin and I created and its Bridge from Despair. The Bridge from Despair was perhaps the first collection of a series of anecdotal comments from those who had lived thru the ordeal of a loved one in a coma. In an interesting post note, I got this email today from one of its contributors. It is a nice reminder of the efforts we put in at the beginning of our advocacy, when brain injury information on the web was still a new idea.

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