Posted on June 28, 2010 · Posted in Brain Injury

There’s been a settlement in a case involving a Lansing, Mich., boy who sustained traumatic brain injury during a boxing match.

The negligence lawsuit had been filed in 2008 by the family of Juan Contreras against the Crown Boxing Club in Lansing and its affiliate, USA Boxing, which governs amateur boxing. The amount of the settlement wasn’t disclosed.

Contreras, now 15,  was in a fight March 15, 2008 in Kalamazoo, Mich., where he sustained his brain injury. The youth had joined Crown Boxing In February of that year, and won his first match that month. The bout where he was badly injured was his second fight, which was against a 13-year-old.

After being treated at hospitals in Kalamazoo, Lansing and Ann Arbor, Contreras is living at home now.

But he is in an impaired state of consciousness, and doesn’t respond to communication. But he breathes on his own, moves his limbs and opens his eyes.


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