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The widow of movie director Tony Scott, who committed suicide by jumping off a California bridge Sunday, has denied that he had inoperable brain cancer, according to the Los Angeles Times.,0,4205494,full.story

Scott, 68 — the director of films ranging from “Top Gun” to “Crimson Tide” to “Days of Thunder” to “Beverly Hills Cop II — jumped off the Vincent Thomas Bridge in San Pedro Sunday. He left several suicide notes, and his body was recovered.

Scott, whose younger brother is “Gladiator” director Ridley Scott, was a macho risk taker whose hobbies included rock climbing. That’s why a number of his close friends were surprised that he would take his own life, leading to speculation that he was ill and therefore decided to die.

ABC News broke the story that Scott had inoperable brain cancer, hence the reason for his suicide. But then the director’s wife Donna denied  that he had such cancer.

However, The Times talked to two of Scott’s close friends,who said that he had a serious illness.

An autopsy was performed on Scott’s body Monday, and the Los Angeles coroner plans to determine if he had ongoing medical issues.



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