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We will soon see if Oakland Athletics pitcher Brandon McCarthy, who underwent surgery last week after being hit in the head with a line drive, is out of the woods.

Doctors have informed McCarthy’s team that the first two or three days after a traumatic brain injury are the most crucial, according to an Associated Press story Saturday. McCarthy was struck in the head, and operated on, last Wednesday He had an epidural hemorrhage, a brain contusion and a skull fracture.

But things were in fact looking up Saturday, according to USA Today, which said that McCarthy has been making jokes on Twitter.

On Friday sports reporters asked Oakland A’s trainer Nick Paparesta if McCarthy was still in life-threatening danger.

“Absolutely he is: It’s brain surgery,” Paparesta told AP. “It’s life-threatening.”

The trainer said the swelling of the brain that McCarthy’s surgery was supposed to relieve could return, AP reported. But if McCarthy is OK by the end of Saturday, his condition will no longer be life threatening.

McCarthy, 29, has been up and walking following his surgery and has been eating, according to AP. He is also recognizing people. And since then, he has also been tweeting.

How McCarthy’s injury will affect his baseball career, of course, remains to be seen.



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