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Last week I wrote about a a soccer referee in Utah who was in a coma after being punched in the face by a player he had flagged for a foul.

There’s an update: The referee died.

ABC News reported that Ricardo Portillo, 46, passed away on Saturday night. He had been hospitalized and in critical condition since April 27.

Initially, it appears that game officials and medical staff misjudged the seriousness of Portillo’s injuries, according to ABC News. But soon after arriving at the hospital, he went into a coma. He had bleeding and swelling of his brain.

He was refereeing an Eisenhower Junior High game in Taylorsville, Utah, last weekend and flagged a 17-year-old for a foul. This idiot youth then punched Portillo.

The under-aged teen has been held in custody at the Salt Lake City Detention Center since Monday, and ABC News reported that police may bring additional charges against him.

Here’s a suggestion for one: manslaughter.

Portillo’s family, of course, is devastated by his death. And here’s the kicker: His daughter Johana told reporters that the fatal accident last Saturday wasn’t the first time he was assaulted on the soccer field.

That’s sportsmanship for you.



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