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Doctors are essentially calling the survival of a teen who was shot through the head with a fishing spear a miracle. Let’s just hope the youth is able to recover from this front-on assault on his brain.

The Huffington Post did a story Monday on Yasser Lopez, the 16-year-old Miami youth who was injured in the spear gun accident. There was a press conference at Jackson Memorial Hospital about how the teen is recovering after having surgery to remove the metal fishing spear from his brain.|main5|dl1|sec1_lnk2%26pLid%3D170991

In this bizarre case, earlier this month Lopez and a friend woke up and saw that Lopez’s head had been impaled by the spear, according to the Huffington Post. Physicians speculated that Lopez was accidentally shot in the head with the fishing spear by his friend, who then fainted in shock.

In any event, looking at the X-ray of Lopez’s skull, skewered by the spear, is horrific. The metal entered Lopez’s skull through his forehead, with the tip coming out the back of his head. According to the Huffington Post, Lopez was conscious and talking when he arrived at the hospital with the 3-foot-long spear in his head.

The spear had to be carefully cut and shortened so that doctors could perform a CT scan on Lopez. And here is the miracle: The spear apparently didn’t hit any major blood vessels or key portions of Lopez’s brain.

Surgeons operated on Lopez and were able to remove the spear without further damaging the teen’s brain.

The youth is now able to sit up in his bed and talk a little bit, according to the Huffington Post. He is having trouble feeling on his left side, but doctors offered an upbeat prognosis for his cognitive functions.

Lopez faces at least three to four months of rehab, the Huffington Post reported.


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