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Erin Butzler of La Crosse, Wis., was kicked in the head during a soccer game in 2009. And she’s spent the years since then trying to reclaim her past.

The Associated Press did a profile of Butzler that chronicles the 18-year-old’s struggle to cope with the retrograde amnesia she suffered after her soccer injury.

After being taken from the field to a hospital for treatment, Butzler returned to a home, relatives and friends that she didn’t recognize. She suffered from severe headaches from lights, and had trouble walking, according to AP.

Her family used photos to show Butzler her past, and she eased into returning to school, initially just attending a few hours a day, AP reported. She received special help in her classes.

Today Butzler is back to being a great student and she plans to go to nursing school next year.

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