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Now that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has signed a youth-concussion bill into law, sports medicine specialists are trying to get the word out.

Wisconsin, the 32nd state to pass a concussion law, now mandates that student athletes younger than 19 who sustain head injuries must be pulled from practice or a game. And these youth athletes will need to have the approval from a doctor before they can return to the field or rink.

Last week Dr. Paul Summerside, director of Aurora BayCare Sports Medicine in Wisconsin, came to Denmark High School to give its teachers a lesson on concussion detection and treatment, according to Fox 11 News.

Summerside offered the faculty tips about how to spot the symptoms of a concussion, such as irritability and not being able to concentrate, in athletes, Fox 11 News reported.

Another message that Summerside wanted to convey to teachers at Denmark High is that athletes who have sustained concussions should not only stay off the field, they should also stay out of the classroom. Injured students need to not only rest their bodies, they need to rest their brains and not engage in study, according to Summerside.

According to Fox 11 News, Summerside that it takes seven to 10 days to recover from a concussion.

Denmark High School athletic director Bill Miller said that in the past, he hasn’t informed teachers when a student has sustained a concussion. But in the future, faculty will be notified so that these students will get a break in their classes, Fox 11 News reported.


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