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Here is something to ponder. Marvin “Brain Damage” Lambert, an independent wrestler, died Thursday, in an apparent cf suicide, according to F4WOnline.


I couldn’t find out whether Lambert got him monicker because he really had brain damage, or if it was one of those catchy stage names that these wrestlers often take. But what is known is that Lambert took part in so-called “death matches,” and that he was only 34.

I did watch a clip of Lambert, and while we all know that wrestling is a choreographed display of stunts, I believe these guys can and do hurt themselves.

And it wouldn’t surprise me if during his short career Lambert sustained the kind of blows to the head that cause permanent brain injury, injuries that are suspected of causing NFL and NHL players to kill themselves.

Lambert was a native of Cleveland who began wrestling professionally in 2000, according to

He joined Combat Zone Wrestling in 2005, and was named a two-time CZW Iron Man Champion and a two-time CZW Ultraviolent Underground Champion.






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