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The evidence continues to build on the connection between football-related head injuries and long-term neurological problems.

In the latest research, it was determined that more than 40 percent of a group of retired NFL players tested had depression or dementia, according to HealthDay. The study was performed at Center for Brain Health at the University of Texas at Dallas.

Researchers tested 34 former NFL players from north Texas for memory, behavior and problem solving,  HealthDay reported. While 20 were found to have normal results, the remainder were suffering from depression, were having cognitive problems, or were having issues with their memories.

In the study, 26 of the former players also had MRIs, according to HealthDay, and many were found to have damage to their brains’ white matter.

The eight players who were found to be suffering depression didn’t appear to be sad, which is one of the hallmarks of clinical depression, HealthDay said. But they did have many of the other classic symptoms of depression, namely no energy, insomnia, loss of sex drive and major changes in weight, either losing pounds or gaining them.





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