TBI Advocate: Out of Coma Emerges Leading TBI Advocate

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TBI Advocate: Craig Part One My interview with Craig Sicilia of the TBI Survivor’s Network was more than another TBI Voice.  Craig’s interview was more than a story of his survival and recovery from brain injury.  It was an opportunity to be at the epicenter of change, to be a TBI Advocate, from an approach […]

Brain Injury Survival: Early Morning Drunk Collides with Family

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Brain Injury Survival: Craig Part Two    While this interview will delve into more than just the story of brain injury survival, it will evolve from the foundation of our normal interview approach: The Story of Craig’s Brain Injury Survival Caused by a Drunk Driver You’re a victim of brain injury survival? Correct. How did […]

Frontal Lobe Damage: Drifting In and Out of Coma

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Frontal Lobe Damage: Craig Part Three  Craig Talks about the part of the brain that was damaged that caused his coma that he drifted in and out of.  In his case it was frontal lobe damage. What part of your brain did you injure?  What was the nature of your injury? It was a lot […]

Before Traumatic Brain Injury: Who Was this TBI Survivor

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Before Traumatic Brain Injury: Craig Part Four   Craig shares with us on who he was before traumatic brain injury and the dramatic changes in his life from before traumatic brain injury to after. At three weeks they think you’re stable enough to go home?  Yes. But you don’t stay there?  Yeah, I couldn’t.  Cognitively […]

Mild Traumatic Brain Injury: Daughter and Niece

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Mild Traumatic Brain Injury: Craig Part Five  Craig discusses with us regarding his daughter and niece that were in the accident with him and their mild traumatic brain injury. Both his daughter and his niece went un-diagnosed at the time of the accident.  His niece had a mild concussion and his daughter sustained mild traumatic […]

Suicidal Side Effects of Medications Prescribed

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 Suicidal Side Effects of Medication: Craig Part Six Craig continues his story talking about the suicidal side effects of the medications that were prescribed to him by his doctor. He explains that his doctor was just trying to help but didn’t understand brain injury so he prescribed psychotropic drugs which in turn triggered suicidal side […]

TBI Seizures: Diagnosed with Severe TBI with Seizures

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TBI Seizures: Craig Part Seven  Craig tells us about the TBI seizures he suffered in which the medical staff misdiagnosed and called them “shakes” such as in Parkinson’s Disease.   Have you ever gone back to look at your hospital records before your initial hospitalization and those re-admissions?  Yeah, I have. What’s the diagnosis?  Which […]

Going Home After TBI: Only Vague Memories of Going Home

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Going Home After TBI: Craig Part Eight   In Part Eight, Craig tells us about his experience with going home after TBI.  He has very little memory of this and what he does have is vague. Difficulties with Going Home After TBI Let’s get a sense of time.  You are discharged initially in three weeks. […]

TBI Marital Problems: Marital Help Fell Thru Cracks

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TBI Marital Problems: Craig Part Nine  To say that Craig’s TBI marital problems are a familiar story to me understates, the significance of that issue in my career. The first brain injured clients were not personal injury cases, but severe brain injury survivors who had been charged with domestic violence. In each of those cases, […]

Return To Work After Brain Injury:Only Bright Spot

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Return to Work After Brain Injury: Craig Part Ten  Craig talks about his return to work after brain injury, his trials on keeping his marriage together and the rehabilitation plan.   So in that period of time in between three weeks and three months, the only treatment you were getting when you weren’t an in-patient […]