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Mild Traumatic Brain Injury: Craig Part Five 

Craig discusses with us regarding his daughter and niece that were in the accident with him and their mild traumatic brain injury. Both his daughter and his niece went un-diagnosed at the time of the accident.  His niece had a mild concussion and his daughter sustained mild traumatic brain injury.

Craig tells us in his own words:

Tell me about your kids. 

Kids are awesome.    My oldest daughter, I can almost guarantee she sustained a mild traumatic brain injury that day, but again, not diagnosed.  She does pretty well but it worries me because a lot of people don’t understand that they’re cumulative over time.   So  I worry. But (she is) very bright – a straight A student, 15.  So she’ll be going to college at 16.

So she was 8 at the time? 


And what about your other child? 

She was 2, luckily she wasn’t in the car.

So you just had your 8 year old in the car with you? 

And my niece who was 8.

Did your niece get hurt? 

She sustained a mild concussion, but again they don’t do much for that.

The collision would have been more on your side of the vehicle? 

It was on my side, yeah.  Oh, no, well remember it rolled.  So it was, it was a tuna can.

The kids were seat belted? 

The kids were seat belted.  I do remember them dangling though, because we were caught upside down and that’s why in the screaming, I don’t know how I got  them  out because I had some broken ribs and broken, crushed leg, but I got  them  out.


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