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Brain Injury Survivor: Angela’s Story Part Four

We are now at the point of Angela’s brain injury survivor story where it is time to hear her voice.  Though the benefit of YouTube, we are able to integrate clips from that interview into this narrative, to help you hear her voice.  As we will with each case study, the primary source of information about this brain injury survivors disability will come from those videos.  We must also gratefully thank Angela, and all those others who will come after her for the contribution of her story, the invasion into her privacy, going back over the tragedy and struggles of her and their lives.  Angela explains why she wants to do this for other brain injury survivors:

Angela as a Brain Injury Survivor Tells of Who She was Before the Accident

To understand the change from the accident, we must understand who Angela was before.  Angela was 32 at the time of the accident, was 36 when this interviewed was done.  She was a successful mortgage processor making nearly a six figure income. She was training to do a marathon along with participating in a bike ride to help raise money and awareness for AIDS patience.  Angela had lost 170 pounds and was a head of the Biggest Loser Challenge at her work place along with many other responsibilities.  She took on tasks that most of us would think overwhelming.

When asked what was the kind of things that she might forget on a day to day basis before the accident she responded that she didn’t forget anything.  She could process up to 300 loans at a time and could tell you about each and every loan.  They were all in her head.


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