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Time Management After Severe TBI: Kelly Part Thirty One

Kelly goes on to discuss time management after severe TBI and how she has very little trouble with it.  She talks about how routines help her with this.

Do you have problems with time management after severe TBI?


How do you handle time management after severe TBI?

I stick to routines. Well, if I know I’ve got to be at work at 9 in the morning, I’m up at 7.  I prepare my client, my patient his breakfast and I always include my breakfast with his. I provide my own food substances at his home and I will just prepare my breakfast with his.  So, I manage that time.

Instead of having to get up at the crack of dawn to shower or whatever, I bathe the night before and then I get up at a reasonable time where I could get dressed, make it to his home, feed him, feed myself, do my chores.

What happens when your routine gets disrupted?

I change my plan.

Meaning what?

Well, it depends on how it gets disrupted.  For instance, last Thursday I had to go for a surgical procedure.  I’m supposed to work Tuesdays, Thursday, Saturday, Sundays. So, I couldn’t work that Thursday and I had school that night.  So, I had to make arrangements to cover me for work on Thursday and still get to school that night.  So, that routine had to change somewhat and I, I managed to.

You can accommodate those changes in routine without it setting off a number of other negative consequences?


You find yourself taking risks that you shouldn’t?

Probably.  I’ve always taken risks.  I have no fear.

Such as getting on, trying to ride a unbroken horse.

Tried to bridle an unbroken horse.  I never intended to ride; I know that up here.

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