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Transfer for TBI Recovery: Kelly Part Eight

Kelly talks about the transfer for TBI recovery from Texas to Tennessee so that she could be near her mother who lived in Nashville and didn’t want to remain in Texas.

You were in  Breckenridge in Austin, Texas for how long?

Four and half weeks.

Where did transfer for TBI recovery to when  you left Breckenridge?

I was transferred to Vanderbilt Stallworth Rehabilitation Center here in Nashville.

And the reason you were transferred is that your mother lived here?

Yes; she did not want to remain in Texas.

It was easier for her to come visit you if  they were to transfer for TBI recovery to Nashville.


Do you remember the transfer?


Tell me about being transferred.

Well, they put me in a wheelchair, rolled me out of Breckenridge Trauma.  I’m not quite sure exactly what type vehicle we took to get to the airport but we were taken to the airport.  I don’t know if it was in the ambulance or rental car or what exactly, but  I was taken to the airport.  Boarded an airplane and I think I got to walk on my own to my seat. I don’t recall that particular thing.  We got to my seat.

I was in an aisle seat, and we flew to Nashville and my former boyfriend, my very first boyfriend had a limousine and he picked me up at the airport and transported me to Vanderbilt Stallworth.  And they met me – one of the intake nurses met me at the front door, transferred me out of the limousine into a wheelchair, wheeled me in, took me up to my room which apparently they’d already had set up.  And they thought I was somebody because I arrived in a limousine; oh hoot and holler.

The physical therapist who was part of the intake assessment team was going to  be part of into inter-disciplinary team, I know that now because of my second college degree. But his name was David Kelly.  He was the physical therapist I said that would be easy to  remember because his last name’s Kelly which is my name.  And we went up and I was put into a room and just waited for all the different therapists to come and meet me, assess me for my capabilities and things of that nature.

Do you remember the date that the for them to transfer for TBI recovery  was?

I want to say October the 3rd or 4th.  I don’t remember pinpointed date.

So it’s sometime around a month after your accident.


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