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Here’s yet another report of an oil rig worker being killed on the job.

The death of David James, 56, on an man-made island off Alaska is being investigated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), according to the Alaska Dispatch.

James’ employer, Doyon Drilling, is mum on what happened to him. In fact, so far the company has only said that there had been an incident at one of its North Slope sites, the Dispatch reported. But a local police chief told the Anchorage Daily News that there had been an accident where someone was hit with a beam and died.

James was on duty at Doyon’s rig No. 15, a drill made to endure “extreme arctic conditions,” according to the Alaska Dispatch.

Unlike North Dakota and Texas, the paper said that according to OSHA records, there haven’t been too many fatal accidents on Alaska’s North Slope.  Records indicate that three years ago a man was killed in an accident with his pickup truck, while another worker lost his life in 2006 when he sustained a concussion when he fell, the Alaska Dispatch reported.

James was a resident of Fairbanks, with family in Fort Yukon.


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