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On previous blogs, I have talked about how the survivor of an on the ground air crash is exposed to significant concussional forces. The reason is that the extreme speed of a jet as it lands can create siginificant acceleration/deceleration forces. Unlike a modern car, it does not have a shoulder harness/airbag combination to protect the brain from those forces. The below video shows how severe those forces can be on the head, neck and back.

For more on how vulnerable a brain is to such forces, go to

It has been more than a week now since this crash. If anyone on board is still confused, has headaches or dizziness, it is time they got some expert help. For dizziness or vertigo, it is essential that they see a neurootologist, a doctor who specializes in balance disorders. See For other post concussion symptoms, they must see someone who will take the head injury seriously.

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