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Some people say that there’s an app for everything and maybe it’s true, because now there’s one for brain injury survivors.

This new iPhone app is called It’s Done!, and its purpose is to help the brain injured recall whether they have remembered to do life-saving tasks such as  turning off the stove, locking the door or taking their medication.

In fact, the creators of this app claim it can even ease the minds of families and caregivers by notifying them when a routine task has been done. This is a tool for traumatic brain injury survivors who suffer from short-term memory loss.

Press releases are certainly biased, obviously, but in their announcement othe creators of It’s Done! claim they’ve received good feedback on their app, which is available for $2.99 at the iTunes AppStore,

We’re told that one user wrote, “It’s Done! is more than just a helpful tool, it helps strengthen your memory while making sure everything gets done.”

And another user said, “It is great for daily use, especially remembering those small details.”

With the It’s Done! app, the user check-marks “Done” on their routine everyday tasks (lock the door, turn off the stove, etc.). Later, when the user may uneasily wonder, “Did I remember to…?”, It’s Done! confirms whether the task is done.

A potentially life-saving feature of It’s Done! is its ability to automatically generate a text message or email to send others when a task is done. That means that within seconds of taking a daily medication, a loved one or caregiver immediately receives the message “It’s Done!”, confirming the medication was taken. That can save folks a lot of worry.

According to the press release, while most calendar/task apps remind users to do things, It’s Done! is intended to help users recall with certainty whether a task is actually done.

“It relieves the feeling of uncertainty that usually accompanies short-term memory loss,” the release says.

It’s Done! was specially designed for easy use by brain injury survivors.

For example, when going out, the user locks the door and taps a check-mark next to the “Lock Door” task in It’s Done! A bright green check-mark appears with a “click” sound and phone vibration. Those “visual, audible, and tactile cues” are meant to act as additional memory aids that reinforce confirmation of each completed task.

Later, when that uneasy feeling occurs, “Did I lock the door?”, a simple glance at the app reveals the check-mark and time-stamp next to “Lock Door” task and confirms: It’s Done! There’s no need to go back to see if the door is locked.

It’s Done! comes pre-loaded with 40 routine everyday tasks. In addition, custom task names can be created and tasks can also be prioritized and categorized for easy sorting and viewing.

The app also has a Task Reminder feature that’s helpful for remembering medications, pet feedings, phone calls, and other time-specific tasks.

“Everyone forgets whether they did something every now and then,” said Howard “A.J.” Lester, It’s Done!’s creator. “And, for those people, It’s Done! is a handy app for confirming stuff is done. But, for brain injury survivors with short-term memory loss, this vital app can help improve their quality of life.”

It’s also as aid for loved ones and caregivers, he claims,

“We believe It’s Done! can create real peace of mind for the caregivers and loved ones of those who suffer from memory-impairment,” Lester said. “It’s just one more tool for helping everyone rest easy.”

It’s Done! for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch is available exclusively through the iTunes AppStore in the Lifestyle category

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