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An Australia court has ordered the Kentucky Fried Chicken chain to pay $8.3 million to the family of a girl who suffered severe brain damage after eating a chicken wrap.

Monika Samaan was a 7-year-old in October 2005 when she got salmonella poisoning, salmonella encephalopathy, after having a chicken meal at a KFC near Sydney, according to International Business Times. Samaan’s parents and brother also came down with salmonella poisoning.

Monika was in a coma for six months, and suffered severe brain damage. She was also paralyzed and is now confined to a wheelchair, according to The Times.

The Samaan family sued the KFC fast-food chain, and last Friday the New South Wales Supreme Court found in favor of the family. The court ordered KFC to pay $8.3 million for damages and legal costs.

KFC denies any liability in Monika’s illness and said that it plans to appeal the award.

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