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From the Brain Injury Association of Wisconsin:

Dear Members and Donors:

The following conference offering was sent to us from the BIAA. We are forwarding to you for your information.

The Center of Excellence for Sexual Health invites you to join elected officials, public and private agency leaders, healthcare professionals, members of the armed services, veterans, and concerned civilians for a one-day conference, Wounded Troops and Partners: Supporting Intimate Relationships.

This conference seeks to:

  • Create visibility for the linkage of mental and physical disabilities like PTSD, traumatic brain injury, and serious burns with failed intimate relationships that contribute to higher suicide rates, divorce, and other problems 
  • Strengthen specific initiatives around intimate relationships for person with service-related disabilities 
  • Develop and expand enduring networks of people to serve these populations 
  • This is your opportunity to contribute to a national dialogue on how U.S. agencies, healthcare providers, and communities can help wounded troops and their partners develop and maintain healthy intimate relationships.

You will hear first person experiences and receive briefings from leading experts on:

  • How healthy intimate relationships contribute to recovery from physical and mental trauma 
  • How lack of a satisfying intimate relationship contributes to ongoing mental health problems and suicide 
  • The special challenges and concerns of wounded women warriors 
  • How intimate relationships help wounded spirits heal 
  • The specific sexual health concerns of troops with disabilities 
  • How addressing sexual health concerns strengthens marriages and other committed relationships 

Featured speakers include Bob Dole, Dr. David Satcher, Dr. Richard Carmona, Dr. Margaret Giannini and Lee Woodruff.

Participate and send a strong message about the importance of wounded troops and their partners having access to the healthcare, counseling and resources
that they need to sustain intimate relationships that provide support and promote healing.

Please visit our conference website or contact our office for more information. There is no charge for registration. Lunch will be provided.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM
Eastern Time Zone

Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation
Barbara Jordan Conference Center
1330 G Street, NW
Washington, DC 20005

Intimacy, sexuality, empathy are among the areas that brain injured survivors have some of their most significant problems.  Lower frontal lobe damage is likely to contribute to these problems.  Vets have the additional issues stemming from the overlay of combat related emotional issues.  

We would encourage not only Vets and their loved ones to attend this conference, but anyone affected by brain injury.

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