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Collision Caused Coma: College Student

Posted on May 9th, 2012 · Posted in TBI Voices

Collision Caused Coma: Michael Part One This is a story of how Michael, a college student ended up with a collision caused coma and the brain injury he suffered from the accident. Before his collision caused coma Micheal was a typical 22 year old going to college. College is a..
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Skull Fractures and Severe Brain Injury Leave in GCS 3

Posted on May 10th, 2012 · Posted in TBI Voices

Skull Fractures: Michael Part Two Michael discusses the severity of his injuries and the severe brain injury he suffered because of the skull fractures caused by the accident.   What is the severity of the injury that you suffered in the wreck? When the other car hit me, my head..
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Memory Returns: Memory Returns with Joke

Posted on May 11th, 2012 · Posted in TBI Voices

Memory Returns with Joke: Michael Part Three Michael’s only island of memory before his wreck involved irony. His first memory afterwards was a joke.  The story of how Michael’s memory returns. What have people told you about the time you were in the hospital? Let’s talk about the University Hospital...
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Before the Accident: Who was This Survivor Before TBI

Posted on May 14th, 2012 · Posted in TBI Voices

Before the Accident: Michael Part Four In part four we discuss who Micheal was before the accident.  Who was Michael before TBI and what he was looking forward to in life.   Let’s talk about who you were be, and what your dreams, aspirations were, before the accident.  You were..
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Recollections of Therapy for Severe Brain Injury

Posted on May 16th, 2012 · Posted in TBI Voices

Recollections of Therapy: Michael Part Five I discussed with Michael the recollections of therapy while he was in rehabilitation. He starts with the recollections of  therapy in the nursing home. Micheal’s Recollections of Therapy in the Nursing Home Let’s talk about your recollections of therapy.  You were getting therapy at..
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Brain Injury Partial Paralysis: SevereTBI Related

Posted on May 17th, 2012 · Posted in TBI Voices

Brain Injury Partial Paralysis: Michael Part Six Michael and I talked about the partial paralysis he suffered because of the accident and whether it was caused by his traumatic brain injury.  You have tingling in your left arm because of you brain injury partial paralysis? Yes, I get that all..
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Post TBI Vision Problems Due to Brain Injury

Posted on May 18th, 2012 · Posted in TBI Voices

Post TBI Vision Problems: Part Seven One of the often missed symptoms of brain injury are post TBI vision problems.  While those surviving a severe brain injury, like Michael may get diagnosis of this problem, they can occur even in milder cases.  Post TBI vision problems can come from an..
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Petit Mal Seizures After Severe Traumatic Brain Injury

Posted on May 21st, 2012 · Posted in TBI Voices

Petit Mal Seizures: Part Eight Seizures are typically thought of a dramatic events where the sufferer is lying on the floor, shaking, foaming at the mouth. While these kind of seizures do occur after brain injury, seizure activity covers a broad spectrum of abnormal brain function all the way to..
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Distractions After TBI: Dealing with Noise and Distractions

Posted on May 22nd, 2012 · Posted in TBI Voices

Distractions After TBI: Michael Part Nine Noises can also set off seizure activity.  But Michael has more cognitive problems with noise and other distractions after TBI. Micheal Discusses the Type of Distractions After TBI that Bother Him What about noises and other distractions after TBI?   For example, the backup alarm..
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Speech Problems Post TBI: Hesitant Speech

Posted on May 23rd, 2012 · Posted in TBI Voices

Speech Problems Post TBI: Michael Part Ten Michael talks about the kind of speech problems post TBI that have effected him in having conversations. He has somewhat of a stutter when he gets over excited. What speech problems post TBI do you have with conversation?  Well, if I get over excited..
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