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Distractions After TBI: Michael Part Nine

Noises can also set off seizure activity.  But Michael has more cognitive problems with noise and other distractions after TBI.

Micheal Discusses the Type of Distractions After TBI that Bother Him

What about noises and other distractions after TBI?   For example, the backup alarm on a truck, does that bother you?

It can.  Actually the biggest noise problem I have is when, it’s pretty quiet, like if you’re in for a test and you’re supposed to be doing the test, people coughing, dropping their pencils, that would drive me nuts.  Actually what drives me nutty kind of nuts right now is when I have all four of my kids and they can’t give me just one second because I’m very slow at understanding what they’re asking, comprehending.

Your ability to comprehend and, and have a conversation has a lot to do with how little else is going on at the time?


And you’re having no problem with our conversation?

No, because it’s just you and me.

Is there any background noise in this room then that bothers you.


So until I mentioned it you probably didn’t even think about the background noise.

No.  I mean to be honest with you, I didn’t think about it, but now that you bring it up since it’s quiet and I can hear you.  For me it’s fine.

Your problems keeping up in conversation has a lot to do with how many different sensory inputs are going on at once? 

That’s true.  Actually from my accident, let’s see if I can remember which year because my dad didn’t tell me this when I talked to him last night, I believe it was this year I did something to my eardrum so I had very bad hearing out of this ear, so I used my right ear to, I rely on my right ear a lot.

So it is not a problem for you to hear our conversation because we’re the only thing going on in this room, but otherwise if I would be to your right side it would be easier for you to follow?


Michael can deal with one on one conversations because there is very little outside activity going on .  He has trouble with distractions after TBI  because it is very difficult to focus especially if there is a lot of noise surrounding conversations or anything that requires concentration.

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