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Attentional Issues and Fatigues Part In Them: Michael Part Seventeen

Michael talks about the issues he has with fatigue and the problems he has with the effect on his attentional issues. He explains causes his fatigue.


Fatigue a Major Attentional Issue

Lets about fatigue as an attenional issue.  Do you have problems where you get tired after a certain period of time?

            Most definitely.

Tell me about that.

Well the medications I’m on usually kick out or they usually stop working between, around 7.

Seven at night?

Seven p.m. I get tired, I’m more easily frustrated.

During the day even with my meds I usually take a nap. I have been watching my youngest son right now and I’ll stick him in for a nap so I get to take a nap.  The other ones are at the Boys and Girls Club or over at their grandparents’.  So I try to make my day a routine, um.

Do you get tired faster when your day’s not routine?


You get tired faster when your day involves more multi-attending?

            Most definitely.

Tell me about that as an attentional issue.  

Well, I keep everything on my phone.  I mean if I have a lot of stuff.  Usually if I have a lot of stuff to where – like say  – I have to be over here to pick up the kids and then I have a doctor’s appointment and then I got to be back to the place and then somewhere else, by the time I get to the third place I’m just wore out.

And with the kids I start to be short with them and frustrated because they’re kids and they get bored.  But I’m very lucky to have my fiancé’s parents willing to help because my parents are still down in Kentucky.


At this point in my interview, we were interrupted because the room we were using at the Fond du Lac public library, was needed for a meeting.  It was the better part of a year before we were able to continue our interview.  When we were able to continue our interview, the topic changed to what had occurred over the interim.

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