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Part Twenty Eight

By Attorney Gordon Johnson


What problems do you have with fatigue?

This is going to  sound really boring.  I really don’t have a problem with fatigue.

Now, we’ve been doing this for a couple of hours now.  Are you starting to get tired?

Not really.  But, I can see my body’s starting to, it’s about to call for its caffeine.

You mentioned that you have almost like a seizure when you get into these huge, let’s say noise situations.  All right.  Do you have any problems with seizures?

No, I do not. Thank you, Lord.

Do you have any problems with periods of time where you’re having a staring spell or sort of lost-in-space kind of situations, where you lose time?

No, I don’t, uh, naturally like that; but I do, if I put it on myself.  If I make myself step back, I do, I will lose the time.

What about pain?

No, no pain.


No headache.

When I was undiagnosed, that was just for the headaches.  Back then I was an inpatient at Vanderbilt Stallworth and they let me go home for Thanksgiving on the break.  Before I came back for my outpatient thing, they gave me these prescriptions for Nor, Nortab, all kinds of drug prescriptions.  I’m not big into drugs, so.

Ever since I was in the eighth grade I had a Cola in the morning on the way to classes – I would walk, I walked to school back in those days, when it was safe – and I’d stop by the grocery and get me a Coke to take to school and I’d have a Coke every morning.  Well, that’s been with me all my life.  Could just be a habit or whatever.

But, I was getting headaches in the hospital and then I’d ask for a Coke or something caffeine about 10 in the morning.  And I’d get one and I wouldn’t get a headache.  So, Thanksgiving when he let me go home, he gave me all these prescriptions; and, I said, “Mom, just make sure I’ve got some Coke at home.”  So, 10:00 every morning I have my Coca-Cola and I’ve never had a headache.

Perhaps Kelly can find a career option endorsing Coke.  It works for me, as long as it is Diet Coke.

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