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Doug Part Two – Physical Limitations Result:’s-injuries-included-profound-physical-limitations/


Doug’s biggest problems from the MVA are his physical limitations, resulting from injuries to his body and brain. He had two broken legs, a badly injured right leg which he almost lost, and a finger on his right hand which was severed and then re-attached; difficulties with walking and impaired functioning on the left side of his body are the result of the brain injury. Physical therapy would typically have started earlier, but was delayed due to time needed for his broken legs to heal before physical therapy could begin. The brain injury complicated therapy and recovery since Doug had to re-learn how to walk again, much as if he were a young child taking steps for the first time. Doug talks about his recovery as being both joyful and sad…joyful in the fact that progress is made towards recovery, sad because the process takes so long.

Doug also talks about receiving speech therapy to help exercise his brain with a variety of word and mind games. Occupational therapy helped his brain re-learn how to use the left side of his body.

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