Acute Rehabilitation with Brain Injury

Stories of Acute Rehabilitation

The following are stories of real life survivors of brain injury.  Clicking on the titles will take you to their actual story.

Rehabilitation Begins from Coma, Subdural Hematoma

While Betty was receiving some type of rehabilitation at each point of her recovery journey, even while still in a coma, her recollection of that begins towards the end of her three months of inpatient stay. After discharge, she went to outpatient therapy at Curative Rehabilitation, in Wauwatosa.

Chris – Can We Maintain The Miracle?

People who have survived serious brain and physical injuries and come out of comas are miracles. To continue their miraculous recovery, they will need a lifetime of structured therapy/exercise and re-designed vocational rehabilitation programs; otherwise, all the miraculous strides they have made, easily disappear.

Lori – Speech Pathology After Severe Brain Injury

“I had, I had ongoing intensive care when I was an inpatient, which was I’m, I’m thinking from April until about June. Then I had outpatient therapy from June, I don’t know. I remember seasons but I don’t remember dates and times, and I know I had outpatient therapy in the fall and in the winter and it seems like in the spring and into the summer, so that’s a long period of time.: What do you remember about your outpatient therapy?: “I remember that more clearly than I remember any of the other therapies.” Would you have gotten speech, occupational therapy, physical therapy?: “I had neuropsych therapy also from the beginning. So I had neuropsych, speech, PT and OT, three days a week? Maybe five and then decreased to three.”