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One of the symptoms of brain injury or brain damage that doesn’t get the attention it deserves is epilepsy or post traumatic seizures. These seizures can take many forms less severe, but perhaps as disabling as the grand mal seizures that most people associate with epilepsy. For more on post traumatic seizures, see and specifically,

The below post is from an individual trying to raise funds for epilepsy research and support. We applaud such effort.

Dear Friends,

Thank you for visiting my personal fundraising page. You may ask why I chose this name for my team and why I am asking for your support. During my college years I had the opportunity to study Archaeology in Athens, Greece. This was a trip of a life time for me. I have always been fond of pegasus and this trip was a memory of one of the best times in my life. I also have Epilepsy and a Traumatic Brain Injury. I have had numerous concussions through out my life time which has complicated matters with regards to education, employment and just overall acceptance by my community. I hope to help people better understanding what epilepsy is and what it is not.

The word “epilepsy” came from the Greek word “epilepsia”. Even though pegasus is a mythical creature, I feel the strength and beauty of this winged horse in an art form which has helped me cope with many of my life situations. You will find many cards and drawings of pegasus in my home.

One of my best friends gave me a card shortly after my father died. There was a beautiful pegasus flying through the clouds with a brilliant sunrise and inside the card read, “A willing heart gives you the wings to visit the places of your dreams”. I have been blessed in many ways and have been able to see some of the places I have dreamed about as a child.

The artistic illustration I share with you today represents “my team” who really encompasses everyone I have connected with through this web site and in person. I hope we can fly together to help make a difference for those who have epilepsy. The money that is raised goes towards educational programs for the community and empowerment opportunities for those with epilepsy.

Please give what you are able. In advance I thank you for your generosity by giving to the Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota. Have a wonderful summer.

Tina Sorokie
Team Pegasus

Thank You for your support:
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