Choosing a Brain Injury Attorney: Specializing in TBI

Choosing a Brain Injury Attorney

When choosing a brain injury attorney, I have talked with many brain injury survivors and caregivers who tell me they have hired a lawyer who specializes in TBI.  Then they tell me that attorney’s name. I have never heard of this lawyer.

In many cases, this was a lawyer who had televisioin ads which made a big deal out of how much he could recover, with no substance. In many of these cases, the lawyers staff knew little or nothing about traumatic brain injury. There are undoubtedly great brain injury lawyers out there who I do not know. But with a few questions, you should be able to get a good idea if this lawyer is involved in the brain injury community.  This is very important when choosing a brain injury attorney.

This is my suggested list of questions when choosing a brain injury attorney:

  • What brain injury seminars has the attorney attended?
  • What brain injury seminars has he been invited to speak at?
  • Is he or she a member of the state brain injury association where he lives?
  • What service and financial contributions has this attorney made to his or her brain injury association?
  • What trial attorney groups that deal with TBI, is he or she a member of?
  • Do they have the kind of knowledge about traumatic brain injury and concussion that you have found on I have always felt that those who read my web pages know that I understand.  If you don’t get that same confidence in the lawyer you are talking to, call us before you choose an attorney.

The Brain Injury Law Group, SC handles matters, in cooperation with lawyers licensed in each state, throughout the U.S.  We would like the opportunity to talk to you about your case while you are choosing a brain injury attorney. Our staff knows as much about traumatic brain injury as I do.  All the person who answers the phone (Jayne) does is brain injury,  as all we do, is represent brain injured survivors.

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by Attorney Gordon Johnson