Paying Brain Injury Medical Bills: Will Obama Care Help?

Paying Brain Injury Medical Bills

This is an essay I wrote years ago about paying brain injury medical bills. It is hoped that Obama Care will dramatically improve access to care, particularly because of the last minute inclusion of rehabilitation in its mandates for care.  For a full version of this article, click here.

Our advice to not be let anxiety about paying the medical bills become a priority is still is true.  If your loved one is in a coma, they will get treatment in the United States, although don’t be surprised if a transfer out of the Trauma Center may be forced prematurely. This happens way too often.  Insurance companies mandate health care and because of this they want you out of the most expensive facilities as soon as possible.  Even if it is not in the best interest of the severely brain inured patient. If a patient is without insurance of any kind and they have no way of paying brain injury medical bills, the trauma center may move you out quickly as well.

Will Obama Care Help?

But the implications of various different state governments decisions not to adapt the Medicaid provisions under Obama Care may create considerable issues as we go forward over years. If a patient without medical insurance qualifies for Medicaid it doesn’t automatically mean they will get the best care.  Without provisions for traumatic brain injury survivors not only will their hospital stay be cut short, their outpatient rehabilitation may not be adequate either. Hopefully the government will come to some kind of resolution that will really help people who are in need of medical care including rehabilitation after traumatic brain injury.  Taking away the stress of paying brain injury medical bills could be eliminated in this very stressful time.

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