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People are speculating about what caused Kelly Osbourne to have a seizure while on the set of her show, “Fashion Police.”

Lavender-haired Osbourne, 28, has been at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles since she had her seizure last week, according to People magazine.,,20681076,00.html?ncid=wsc-dl-cards-headline

There has been speculation that Osbourne, who co-hosts “Fashion Police” with Joan Rivers, has epilepsy, and the fear that she has a brain tumor.

Osbourne’s mother Sharon Osbourne, a co-host of  “The Talk,” on Monday said on the show that her daughter was doing well.

In fact, she said the family was “very blessed” that Kelly had her attack during the taping of “Fashion Police,” so her neurologist can look at that tape to see exactly what happened when she had her seizure.

E!, which airs “Fashion Police,” told People that Kelly was still in the hospital as a precautionary move.



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