Brain Injury Care: Lien Against Lawsuit May Open Doors

 Brain Injury Care

Another advantage of having an experienced brain injury attorney after a severe brain injury is that such attorney may have the connections within the brain injury community to get a survivor with a viable lawsuit, placed in a long term rehabilitation facility. Such brain injury care may cost upwards of a $1,000 per day.  Medicaid is decreasingly providing such coverage and many facilities, limit the number of Medicaid patients they will take at any given time.

As a caregiver of a survivor of brain injury this can cause considerable stress.  You know that the only answer for your loved one is long term care and no one wants to help.  You may feel there is no where to turn.  This is where our law firm comes in.  Once again, experienced attorneys in the field of severe brain injury care or traumatic brain injury care can help you find the solutions. There are only a handful of long term rehabilitation centers that have a program specific to traumatic brain injury.  Our Brain Injury Law Group, SC has established a relationships with these facilities and my be able to intervene in your behalf to have your loved one admitted to one of these facilities.

With the mechanism of providing a lien against future recovery, it may be possible to get a severe brain injury survivor placed in a rehab center.  The length and quality of placement in a brain injury program, is probably the single biggest predictor of good recovery after coma and severe brain injury.

While the ability to arrange a lien against a settlement is entirely case dependent, the more experience your personal injury attorney has with brain injury facilities, the greater he or she can persuade a rehab center to take the survivor.

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by Attorney Gordon Johnson