Brain Injury Christmas List: What do I Want from Santa

Brain Injury Christmas List

My brain injury Christmas list was composed because I wholeheartedly feel the need for all of the things on my list to be realized and accomplished in years to come.

by Attorney Gordon Johnson

This is an essay I wrote for Christmas in 1997.

While I still believe in Santa, I no longer believe in magic that defies science:

I wish:

Number One of My Brain Injury Christmas List

That we continue to advocate for those with concussion and permanent brain injury. We want the world (including the medical professionals) to understand much regarding traumatic brain injury.  Although the advocacy has grown in leaps and bounds over the past several years, we wish for it to continue growing;

Number Two on My Brain Injury Christmas List

That no child should be on a bicycle without a helmet. “That we become righteously indignant parents who don’t insist on helmets. That each time we see a child on a bicycle without a helmet, that we become righteously uninhibited and tell them and their parents off”;

Number Three on My Brain Injury Christmas List

That we are never too busy for our brain injury friends. That we never stop taking the time to be there for your friends and family that have suffered a traumatic brain injury.  They need you;

Number Four on My Brain Injury Christmas List

That we never quit our fight against insurance bad guys, neurologists and those who use of the term “malingerer”  and last but not least;

Number Five on My Brain Injury Christmas List

That we all make a caregiver feel how special and critical they are. Without the caregiver’s for those who have suffered from traumatic brain injury, progress in recovery for survivors would be tremendously hampered.


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