Brain Injury Symptomatology: What Are the Symptoms of TBI?

Brain Injury Symptomatology

From the beginning of our web presence I have written about the paradox of the many miracles in coma cases, and the countless tragedies in the MTBI cases. As time passes after injury, the severity, the brain injury symptomatology of these two very different acute presentations, become similar in the challenges they create for the TBI survivor. Thus, our next major area of focus is a detailed treatment of the symptoms of brain injury, including the pervasive problems of fatigue, multi-attending problems, memory issues, and depression. These are just some of the symptoms of brain injury and there are many more.

Other brain injury symptomatology:

  • Aphasia: difficulty with speech and handling words; or
  • Balance/Dizziness: balance problems can be attributed to traumatic brain injury;or
  • Confabulation: the process of the brain filling in holes of memory loss; or
  • Disinhibition: acting or speaking inappropriately; or
  • Decision Making Issues; trouble making decision such as what to buy or what to wear; or
  • Spasticity; the inability of muscles to relax like having a permanent cramp

Although we have not touched on the symptoms of brain injury this gives you a good idea of issues that most brain injury survivors face.  If you are interested in these symptoms and would like to know more about them, visit our TBI Voices collection of brain injury survivors stories. Throughout out TBI Voices you will hear of many of these challenges and how the survivors have dealt with them in their process of recovery. It is a wonderful sampling of just what the survivors of traumatic brain injury face day to day. has a detailed discussion of the symptoms of Mild TBI at Click Here for such treatment.

The symptoms of severe brain injury are handled comprehensively at

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