Difficulty Changing Workplace with Brain Injury

Stories of Difficulty in the Workplace after Brain Injury

The following are stories of real life survivors of brain injury.  Clicking on the titles will take you to their actual story.

Returning to Work After Severe Brain Injury

Any plan for vocational rehabilitation following brain injury must take into account not only the simple issues of preparing the brain injured person to the workplace, the work environment as detailed by Angela, but must also factor in the challenges that the brain injured person will have in learning new things in the non-structured classroom that is the workplace.

Michael – Brain Injury Symptoms Interfered With Work

Did you have difficulty, sustaining in an ordinary routine without special supervision? You’re supposed to come in every day and do the same thing. Were you capable of doing that daily?: “No, because every time I went into the places I was working things would switch. And since I worked in the human service area of where I worked that was very hard to deal with. Even when it came to work, you know, if the government, like I said the seizures issues came up.”